UV Ink Mimaki  LH100 (600ml)

UV Ink Mimaki LH100 (600ml)

Category: UV Ink

- Smooth gradation in six color printing (CMYK+LcLm) while reducing granular appearance. 
- Hard ink suitable for hard material.
- Anti-scratch
- Good scratch and solvent resistance.
- Suitable to print widely on a smartphone case, key holder and wooden blocks etc. due to the strong scratch fastness.
- Certified for Low Chemical Emissions.

- Printed Pen
- Bottle 
- Acrylic
- Glass
- Phone case

Item UV Ink
Ink Type Inkjet Cartridge
Color C, M, Y, K, L.Cyan, L. Magenta, White, Clear
Size 70cm x 6cm x 12cm
Capacity 600ml
Support Model UJF3042, UJF3042 HG, UJF6042

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